Jane Manchun Wong

Loves seeing how things work underneath.
~2 mins

Dox Facebook Employee Behind "Life Events" Videos

A simple mistake could lead to being deanonymized
~1 min

Turn ZEIT into a Spectrum proxy

Abuse ZEIT API server for proxying Spectrum using arbitary GraphQL query.
~4 mins

Shopping Turned Into Breaking In Store's Network

SSRF using arbitrary GraphQL query.
~3 mins

Pilot Into Facebook Group Support

Invite myself into the study group of an unreleased Facebook feature and annoy employees.
~1 min

Create Organic Pixel for Any Facebook Page

Leverage an unreleased feature to create pixels for any Page on Facebook.
~3 mins

Disclose Facebook Server Info With A Strange Poll

Trigger a server-side logic flaw which leads to leaking internal server information.
~1 min

De-anonymize User in Facebook Feed Preview

Retrieve Facebook user's real IP while they are previewing feed on Facebook.
~1 min

View Insights for Any Facebook Marketplace Product

Leak private sales information on Facebook Marketplace using GraphQL.
~2 mins

Dox Facebook Employees Behind “Did You Know”

Uncloak Facebook Employee's Identity using GraphQL.
~1 min

Reveal Communities for Anyone on Facebook

Peek any stranger on which communities they belong to on Facebook.
~1 min

Nearest distance to Vice President Biden

Vice President Biden took a visit to UMass Dartmouth campus.
~1 min

Make your Facebook profile genderless

Remove the gender field on your Facebook profile.
~1 min

Install ATI Catalyst on Fedora 14

Install ATI graphics card driver on Fedora 14.