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Lyft is working on its own digital wallet called “Lyft Cash”

First look at Lyft’s unreleased digital wallet
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Jane Manchun Wong

Perhaps as an answer to Uber Cash , Lyft is working on its own digital wallet called “Lyft Cash”, providing riders a new payment method for its services.

By reverse-engineering Lyft’s Android app, I came across a prototype of Lyft Cash in the payment page, which shows the balance, an option for “Auto Reload” and an option to add cash.

Tapping the buttons on this prototype does nothing, which is understandable considering this feature is unreleased at the moment. I predict these buttons will become functional by the time of the feature release.

The existence of Lyft Cash is unsurprising to me. Uber Rewards and Uber Cash can provide benefits to keep riders not to consider the competitors, such as Lyft. Therefore, it would be a sensible move if Lyft develops something similar in order to retain its riders on the platform.