Twitter ‘Snooze’ button lets you pause push notifications for a time


HONG KONG - Seeing the blue circle of push notifications popping up our Twitter app often sparks joy. For example, when your tweet went viral, your phone might keep buzzing nonstop. Sometimes, there might be a desire to pause the stream of push notifications on Twitter. Now Twitter has a ‘Snooze’ button that lets you pause push notifications for a specific amount of time.

With Twitter's built-in Snooze feature, you could temporarily snooze push notifications for 1 hour, 3 hours or 12 hours. Finally! We might be able to do this without messing around our phone's settings!

Currently, this “Snooze” feature is shown as a bell button on top of the Twitter app’s Notifications tab. By tapping the button, the app will provide a bottom sheet of various length of Snooze durations. During the snooze, you will not receive push notifications from Twitter. The notifications will still appear in your Notifications tab, as indicated. You could always tap the bell button to unsnooze or adjust the duration.

I came across this new ‘Snooze’ button by looking into the code underneath Twitter's mobile app for Android, and I am awaiting comment from Twitter about this feature. The app code indicates Twitter has recently started building this feature.

Twitter has been putting efforts to bring positive impacts to the user's digital wellbeings. I previously spotted Twitter tested an option to moderate replies. And this ‘Snooze Notifications’ feature is no exception.

Experimental features like this one could come and go, though I believe many of us would love it if Twitter releases this feature in the future.

Update on Aug 14, 2019 - Twitter has publicly announced they are testing this feature, which confirms my discovery.

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